Life is a Journey

I was luckly born with an extra: a tail (aka Sr. Pilonidal Cyst). Not the Sangoku type.

It isn’t one thing that you want to keep as a memory. When it gets infected, it’s literally a “pain in the butt”!

Best solution? To excise. Method? Open wound. Time recovery? Two months, at least.

Among others, these are some implications of the post-op:

  1. Daily nurse visits;
  2. Sponge bath;
  3. No Yoga;
  4. Pain killers;
  5. Find ways to keep active!

It was now or never.

In the beginning of June (2014) I said “yes” to my tail farewell. My summer plans were suspended, but my life wishes are stronger than ever.

Before I get in touch with the hospital, I didn’t realize how common pilonidal cyst is. So I’m sharing this situation not only to motivate/inspire others who may be going through the same, but also to find how to make the best lemonade out of green lemons.

In the meantime, I’ll keep dancing. Life is your creation.

With love,



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