I’m not a scientist. Neither my memory keeps everything I want.

If it sounds like a foreign language to you, you’re at the right place.


  • Agar agar:  Vegetarian gelatin substitute produced from a variety of seaweed vegetation and popular in Asia for use in baking. It sets more strongly and solidly than general purpose gelatin, so it is therefore less often used as a substitute.


  • Collagen: Family of proteins responsible for give the skin its strength, waterproofing, and elasticity. It makes up 25% to 35% of the total protein content of human’s body.


  • Pectin (jam sugar): Extracted from citrus fruits, it’s traditionally used by adding it to jams, jellies and similar products to help them gel and thicken. If you’re vegetarian, you can substitute gelatin for pectin, although the resulting product may differ slightly in texture or taste.


  • Selenium: Trace mineral found in soil, water, and some foods. Plays a key role in the metabolism and is essencial for normal functioning of the immune system and thyroid gland. We require a small amount of selenium in our daily diet.


  • Tempeh: Made from fermented soybeans from Indonesia, it’s a versatile alternative protein. The nutty, slightly sweet flavor and crunchy texture is pretty good raw. Just like seitan and tofu, it tends to absorb the flavors of whatever it’s cooked with.


  • Visualization: Mental technique that uses imagination to visualize a specific event, situation or an object to attract it into our life. Consciously or unconsciously, with visualization we’re able to use our natural mind power.

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